Metallic silver full resin ribbon


Many resin ribbons still have some level of wax in them, but they are mostly pure ink resins. These are the most durable and expensive type of TTR, formulated for the most demanding applications and compatible with glossy coated paper labels, synthetic film labels like Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polyester or even specialty receptors like Polyimide, Acrylate, and textiles.

Durability. These are by far the most durable of the ribbon formulations. Extreme heat or cold, extreme chemicals and solvents, rough abrasions, and outdoor environments are no match for the properly spec’d resin ribbon with an appropriate label stock.

How the process works. As the level of resin in the ribbon increases, the process differs, as these inks require more energy to melt them onto the substrate. The printhead darkness and speed settings need to be adjusted in order to effectively transfer the ink and produce the durable image.

Uses. The extreme durability of resin ribbons makes them a requirement for some harsh-environment or mission-critical applications. Typical uses range from medical device labeling, electrical component/PCB labeling, apparel care tags, plant stakes, chemical drum labeling, and many more.

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