Gray full resin ribbon

Different Ribbon Materials/Coatings

Thermal transfer ribbons come in several different varieties but we’ll focus on the most basic: full wax, wax/resin, and full resin. It is important to know which type of ribbon to use for your printer, as different materials can affect print quality. Using the wrong thermal ribbon type will end up wasting time and costing money.

Wax ribbons are the lowest cost choice, they are ideal for general label applications such as address labels. However, wax ribbons are the softest ribbons making them vulnerable to smudging and scratching.

Wax/resin ribbons are suitable if you are printing onto semi-gloss paper or synthetic labels, they combine wax and resin to make the ribbons smudge and smear resistant.

Resin ribbons are the hardest type of ribbon, being scratch and chemical resistant. Resin ribbons are the best choice for printing onto synthetic labels which will be going into harsh environments where the print needs to be resistant against scratching, smearing, liquid, chemicals and extreme temperatures.

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