white water-washable resin ribbon

Cison super bright white all-resin ribbon CS3390, with unparalleled pure white. It can be printed perfectly on nylon, polyacid fiber, rayon, chemical fiber and other materials (such as nylon, ribbon, ribbon, TPU). Super resistance to cold water, hot water, dry cleaning, detergents (laundry liquid, washing powder, detergent) performance. It has excellent high temperature resistance and can be used in ironing environment. Suitable for washing label, washing management, dry cleaning label. CS3380 adopts flaming patented back coating technology, which can print at low temperature to protect the print head. It is suitable for more than 98% barcode printers on the market (such as Zebra, Argox, CITIZEN, Datamax, Intermec, Toshiba, TSC, Postek, GoDEX etc.). Print any water-washed labels on any model without sticking, and it can be applied to all cutters.

Recommended application: clothing, plush toys, bedding.

Recommended materials: nylon, polyacid fiber, rayon, chemical fiber

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