Green washable carbon tape

Wash resin ribbon especially used on wash care labels, reinforced resin-based coatings can provide high-resolution, high-density printing, applies to both flat-edge and near-edge printer.
Product Features:
Super resistant to dry cleaning, home or industrial washing and ironing, printing high-resolution, high-density, wide adaptability washing standard materials.
colors: black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, gold, silver, purple etc
Applicable Material: Nylon (wash cloth tape), polyester, cellulose acetate (wash cloth ribbons, ribbons), etc.
Applicable Printer: Zebra (S, Z4m, 105SE, 170,90); SATO (M10E, CL408E / 412e); TEC (B452, B-SA4T); ARGOX; TSC; Citizen etc

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