The print head of a barcode printer is easily worn, which is closely related to the print temperature of the ribbon, and the higher the print temperature, the more severe the wear of the print head. Resin ribbons are the hottest printing temperatures in ribbons, which is why the printheads of many printers must be replaced frequently.

CISON’s low-temperature all-resin-based ribbon prints without breakpoints, and also has the characteristics of small static electricity and low noise, which effectively extends the life of the print head and saves costs.

The printing material range of low temperature resin ribbon is also very wide, with excellent printing blackness, strong scratch resistance, printing without breakpoint missing, material compatible with dumb silver labels, PET, PP, PE, coated paper, synthetic paper, etc., super cost performance.

Ribbon is one of the most important consumables for bar code printers, in addition to determining the life of the print head, the ribbon is also related to the effect and durability of the printed label, so choosing the right ribbon is crucial.