TTO resin-based ribbon

Improved Print Quality

Thermal Transfer Overprinter uses a 300dpi (dots per inch/12 dots per mm) printhead that produces consistent and repeatable high resolution codes.

Ability to Print Real-time Variable Data

TTO gives you the ability to print variable information including dates, lot codes and time etc. Analog coding technologies, such as hot stamp or ink roller use fixed stamps and therefore it is not possible to code real time data onto the packaging.

Increase Uptime

TTO (Thermal Transfer Overprinter)’s  design ensures that it is fast to change ribbons. Usually the ribbon length can be as long as 1,200 meter. This allows longer uptime of the printer.

Increase Efficiency

Different from hot stamps that require a warm-up period to bring the type holder to proper temperature, TTO technology can go from power up to printing in less than 60 seconds. This advantage gives TTO much more power in flexibility and productivity on film packaging applications.

Reduced Ribbon Cost

TTO (Thermal Transfer Overprinter) ensures to keep the unused ribbon a minimum, which is to maintain a 0.5mm gap between prints.  This allows more prints per ribbon roll and ensure the highest possible print efficiency.

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